Isn’t a moon stone a specific kind of crystal with a certain look, feel and healing properties? That’s correct, yet you can pick any stone or crystal – or even better a few different ones –  and sync them with the lunar cycle.

Today is the second new moon of the year. It’s new moon in Aquarius. As Aquarius helps us to break down conventions and traditions to find a new path, I pitch a new tradition – or at least an experiment for you: a new moon crystal grid with bad ass intentions for the upcoming moon cycle! I tell you, it is still crazy to me that and how it works, but it simply does!

True Story.
Some moon cycles (aka months) ago, I began to use crystal grids as a kick-off for each new moon phase. I had seen real pretty crystal formations on Instagram, read a few articles about it and was just curious to give it a try. And honestly, I didn’t think this would become a monthly (or even bi-monthly – I also do this at full moons) sort of tradition for me. You know, as pretty as I find crystal grids as interior decor, so I find fresh flowers – and in a busy week it’s just easier to buy those. And yet, I got hooked on crystal grids.

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