Minimalistisch & spirituell – Schmuck von Nooe Berlin

“Ich glaube, dass wir alle durch ein Feld von Energie miteinander verbunden sind: Menschen, Tiere, Pflanzen, Planeten und auch Gegenstände und Ereignisse.”

Eva Rommeck ist Gründerin eines Yogastudio, hat ihr eigenes Schmuck-Label, mischt in einem Vintage Store mit und teilt meine Begeisterung für Heilsteine und das Universum. Über eine Saturn-Kette auf Instagram entdeckte ich Eva und fand es war an der Zeit sie euch vorzustellen und etwas über Schmuck-Styling, Heilsteine und das Universum zu sprechen:

Wer bist du und was machst du?

Ich bin Eva, Berlinerin und eigentlich studierte Medienwissenschaftlerin. Direkt nach meinem Studium habe ich mich aber als Mode Stylistin und Yogalehrerin selbständig gemacht.
Anfang des Jahres 2020 habe ich die Yogaschule Yoganghaus in Berlin-Neukölln eröffnet. Tagsüber ist der Space der Vintage Laden Yummy Vintage und abends dann ein Yogastudio! Den Vintage Laden mache ich mit meinen Freunden, Aron und Carolina, die sich um die Vintage Pieces kümmern und ich mache den Schmuck.

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Stressfrei in 7 Tagen

Die To-Do Liste ist seitenlang, der Laptop hat unzählige Tabs offen und ständig flattern verschiedenste Push-Nachrichten auf dem Handy-Screen rein…welcome to my life.
So ähnlich siehts bei dir vermutlich auch aus und deswegen jetzt der Knaller: die Lösung soll eine weitere App mit einem weiteren To Do sein.  7 Tage lang habe ich die CALM Meditationsapp getestet.

Noch vor einigen Monaten hatte ich eine regelmäßige Meditationspraxis. Jeden morgen nach dem Aufwachen setzte ich mich auf mein Kissen, mal mit ein paar Kristallen bewaffnet, mal zum Duft des Essential Oils Diffusers oder Räucherstäbchen oder einfach so und dann wurde still gesessen, tief geatmet, Licht visualisiert, Liebe geschickt, Dankbarkeit gespürt – meditiert eben. Und egal ob 5 Minuten oder 30, danach fühlte ich mich immer gesammelt, entspannt und tatsächlich gelassener und weniger reizbar den ganzen Tag.

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How to find out what your soul’s purpose actually is – an Interview with Maria Christina Gabriel

Do these bouncy curls and the dazzling smile look familiar to you?
Well, that’s the woman who took a long deep look into my soul and it’s actually no exaggeration if I admit that it was a truly transformative experience.

Maybe you also came across Maria Christina Gabriel and her fantastic vibes via a Podcast, her Instagram account or the book We are Proud to be Sensibelchen?
Maria Christina Gabriel works as a Spiritual Mentor and is the founder of Power of Ceremony. Over the past year, Christina has become a great source of inspiration for me, whenever I follow her work I feel the rare mix of courage to follow my passion, a giant curiosity for all there is still to learn and discover, a very rare feeling of peace and calm (I mean: almost uncanny to feel that while scrolling through social media) and a before unknown sense of belonging. Crazy, right?

To perhaps grasp a little better why this woman is so inspiring, what it is she does in her life and to introduce her here if you haven’t crossed paths with her yet, I had the honor to ask her some questions about her work. To actually also really feel her work, I let Christina conduct a soul reading, which was an overwhelming experience, I am happy to share with you.

Let’s get started:

In one sentence, Christina, what is it that you do?
My work is all about creating a life with purpose and I support others through this process with 1:1 mentoring sessions and soul readings.

One of the first Instagram posts I read from you was a reflection  describing how for a long time you were hesitant to go to some yoga class as you had a certain image in your head of how your body was supposed to look when you go there or something similar and I was so impressed with your honesty and vulnerability that made me more curious about you and your work. What is your view on vulnerability?

I think the concept of vulnerability is this meaningful to us now because as a collective we have been living quite the contrary for decades. Hiding shame, guilt, fears and creating a lifestyle that wasn’t supporting us in being connected humans. Showing up in my emotions, staying present when I don’t have the answers and keeping an open heart through the the challenging parts of life. To me, vulnerability lets us connect with others on a profound level but most importantly, by making ourselves vulnerable, we are expanding our capacity to give and receive love.

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☽ 1 – crystal quartz

What better crystal to kick-off the OM LAGOM guide to crystals than the all time classic: crystal quartz?

The seemingly colorless or even lucent clear quartz or crystal quartz is the ultimate allrounder. Why is that?

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Any stone can be your moon stone

Isn’t a moon stone a specific kind of crystal with a certain look, feel and healing properties? That’s correct, yet you can pick any stone or crystal – or even better a few different ones –  and sync them with the lunar cycle.

Today is the second new moon of the year. It’s new moon in Aquarius. As Aquarius helps us to break down conventions and traditions to find a new path, I pitch a new tradition – or at least an experiment for you: a new moon crystal grid with bad ass intentions for the upcoming moon cycle! I tell you, it is still crazy to me that and how it works, but it simply does!

True Story.
Some moon cycles (aka months) ago, I began to use crystal grids as a kick-off for each new moon phase. I had seen real pretty crystal formations on Instagram, read a few articles about it and was just curious to give it a try. And honestly, I didn’t think this would become a monthly (or even bi-monthly – I also do this at full moons) sort of tradition for me. You know, as pretty as I find crystal grids as interior decor, so I find fresh flowers – and in a busy week it’s just easier to buy those. And yet, I got hooked on crystal grids.

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It’s about time

‘If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear?’ Stevie Nicks

About three years ago – I had just moved back from Stockholm to Berlin – I changed my name to ‘Lagom’  (well, on my social media accounts at least) to keep a piece of Swedishness in my daily life. ‘Lagom’ is one of my favorite words in the Swedish language, as it means something like “not too much, not too little, just the right amount”. It has such an unpretentious calming ring to it.
Back in the days of 2014 this beautiful word wasn’t very well-known yet in the territory of Berlin. So when asked, I simply answered it was my mantra-name. (little did I know at that time what mantra it should become to me.)

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