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Sustaining essential oils with sustainable essential oil bags ✌️

Maybe I’ve watched a little too much Marie Kondo recently but what I really like about her art of organizing, decluttering and tidying up are these two rules:

1. keep only thing that spark joy for you
2. every item needs its home

When I started working with essential oils I first didn’t think much about where to store them. But as the collection grew and some real investments came to it (a pure essential oil of certified therapeutical grade can cost over 100€ for a 5ml bottle) I started to look into it because I wanted the oils to last for years so that I wouldn’t waste a single drop of them. When you store your essential oils in a dark place, properly closed at room temperature a little bottle will be fine for years. So at home my oils moved into a wooden box in which they are protected from sun light . So far so good. 👌 

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True love: Cardamom

I tend to say that about quite a few of my oils…you know, that they are my absolute favorite but it’s seriously true about Cardamom.

In the secret club of essential oils and emotions it’s called The Oil of Objectivity.
That doesn’t sound like a super hero name you think? Oh, think again. What’s the thing that gets you in trouble all the time, that upsets your stomach, that starts arguments and keeps you from new experiences? Quite often that dark force is your subjective opinion fueled by ego and stubbornness, ain’t that right?
Well, at least for me that’s the case. Realizing that, objectivity seems quite super power like, right?

So yes, emotionally Cardamom is a great aid when experiencing anger, frustration, narrow-mindedness or feeling overwhelmed. This little oil manages to help you regain objectivity, mental sobriety and self-control.

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Loslegen mit doTERRA Ölen

Bist du bereit für Flower Power rundum?

Mit deiner eigenen Sammlung an Essential Oils höchster Qualität hast du unzählige Möglichkeiten, deinem Körper, deiner Psyche, deinem Zuhause und dann noch allen um dich herum mit geballter Pflanzenkraft Gutes zu tun. Bei den Ölen von doTEARRA bist du hier perfekt aufgehoben.

Los, geht’s:
Für alle Sparfüchse und Schlitzohren ist die beste Bestelloption bei doTERRA ein eigenes Kundenkontos anzulegen. Damit steht dann nämlich schonmal fest, dass du immer den günstigsten Preis zahlst, was ganze 25% Rabatt auf den normalen Verkaufspreis sind. Nicht schlecht, oder?
Bei deiner Anmeldung kannst du zwischen den beiden Optionen „Vorteilskunde“ und „unabhängiger Produktberater“ wählen. Bei beiden Optionen hast du Null Verpflichtungen oder Mindestbestellwerte oder ähnliche Faxen. Der einzige Unterschied besteht darin, dass du als „unabhängiger Produktberater“ die Möglichkeit hast auf Dauer mit doTERRA auch Geld zu verdienen, indem du die Öle mit jemandem teilst, und dafür bezahlt wirst.

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Transform the air you breath

Do you want to learn some magic?
Like changing the air you breath?

Did you know that diffusing therapeutic grade pure essential oils with a steam diffuser doesn’t just mask odors, no no no the micro-fine mist releases oxygenating molecules that actually enrich the air with extra oxygen, which you breath in. And that’s not even all!

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☽ 1 – Lavender oil

Lavender, lavender oh how I love your smell.

This is the smell of summer, of driving through the sun in France – or to the nearest garden center. It’s a childhood memory resting my head on a little pillow filled with dried lavender that my mum made for me.
But the purest essence of this plant is even more than that: it’s true magic!

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