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Sustaining essential oils with sustainable essential oil bags ✌️

Maybe I’ve watched a little too much Marie Kondo recently but what I really like about her art of organizing, decluttering and tidying up are these two rules:

1. keep only thing that spark joy for you
2. every item needs its home

When I started working with essential oils I first didn’t think much about where to store them. But as the collection grew and some real investments came to it (a pure essential oil of certified therapeutical grade can cost over 100€ for a 5ml bottle) I started to look into it because I wanted the oils to last for years so that I wouldn’t waste a single drop of them. When you store your essential oils in a dark place, properly closed at room temperature a little bottle will be fine for years. So at home my oils moved into a wooden box in which they are protected from sun light . So far so good. 👌 

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It’s about time

‘If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear?’ Stevie Nicks

About three years ago – I had just moved back from Stockholm to Berlin – I changed my name to ‘Lagom’  (well, on my social media accounts at least) to keep a piece of Swedishness in my daily life. ‘Lagom’ is one of my favorite words in the Swedish language, as it means something like “not too much, not too little, just the right amount”. It has such an unpretentious calming ring to it.
Back in the days of 2014 this beautiful word wasn’t very well-known yet in the territory of Berlin. So when asked, I simply answered it was my mantra-name. (little did I know at that time what mantra it should become to me.)

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