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WORKSHOP: Der Duft der Muschi – 1.6. Berlin

Viele Frauen kämpfen mit ihrem ureigenen Geruch. Nicht nur mit ihrem allgemeinen Körpergeruch, sondern ganz speziell mit dem ihres Schoßes. Und wie auch nicht? Jahrelang haben wir uns Quatsch wie Vergleiche mit Fischen anhören müssen; halb spaßig halb ernst gemeint. Was daraus resultierte sind nicht nur herabsenkende Produkte wie Muschiparfüme, sondern auch selbst empfundener Ekel vor den eigenen Sekreten samt ihrer Gerüche, was wiederum dazu führte, dass einige Frauen im Sexualakt sich selbst nicht schmecken möchten oder gar keinen Bezug zu ihren eigenen Aromen haben.

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How to find out what your soul’s purpose actually is – an Interview with Maria Christina Gabriel

Do these bouncy curls and the dazzling smile look familiar to you?
Well, that’s the woman who took a long deep look into my soul and it’s actually no exaggeration if I admit that it was a truly transformative experience.

Maybe you also came across Maria Christina Gabriel and her fantastic vibes via a Podcast, her Instagram account or the book We are Proud to be Sensibelchen?
Maria Christina Gabriel works as a Spiritual Mentor and is the founder of Power of Ceremony. Over the past year, Christina has become a great source of inspiration for me, whenever I follow her work I feel the rare mix of courage to follow my passion, a giant curiosity for all there is still to learn and discover, a very rare feeling of peace and calm (I mean: almost uncanny to feel that while scrolling through social media) and a before unknown sense of belonging. Crazy, right?

To perhaps grasp a little better why this woman is so inspiring, what it is she does in her life and to introduce her here if you haven’t crossed paths with her yet, I had the honor to ask her some questions about her work. To actually also really feel her work, I let Christina conduct a soul reading, which was an overwhelming experience, I am happy to share with you.

Let’s get started:

In one sentence, Christina, what is it that you do?
My work is all about creating a life with purpose and I support others through this process with 1:1 mentoring sessions and soul readings.

One of the first Instagram posts I read from you was a reflection  describing how for a long time you were hesitant to go to some yoga class as you had a certain image in your head of how your body was supposed to look when you go there or something similar and I was so impressed with your honesty and vulnerability that made me more curious about you and your work. What is your view on vulnerability?

I think the concept of vulnerability is this meaningful to us now because as a collective we have been living quite the contrary for decades. Hiding shame, guilt, fears and creating a lifestyle that wasn’t supporting us in being connected humans. Showing up in my emotions, staying present when I don’t have the answers and keeping an open heart through the the challenging parts of life. To me, vulnerability lets us connect with others on a profound level but most importantly, by making ourselves vulnerable, we are expanding our capacity to give and receive love.

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WORKSHOP: FREE with Essential Oils – 7.4.2019 Berlin

Do you want to feel and be free in your life?
Then it’s time to explore essential oils!

Say what?!

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Sustaining essential oils with sustainable essential oil bags ✌️

Maybe I’ve watched a little too much Marie Kondo recently but what I really like about her art of organizing, decluttering and tidying up are these two rules:

1. keep only thing that spark joy for you
2. every item needs its home

When I started working with essential oils I first didn’t think much about where to store them. But as the collection grew and some real investments came to it (a pure essential oil of certified therapeutical grade can cost over 100€ for a 5ml bottle) I started to look into it because I wanted the oils to last for years so that I wouldn’t waste a single drop of them. When you store your essential oils in a dark place, properly closed at room temperature a little bottle will be fine for years. So at home my oils moved into a wooden box in which they are protected from sun light . So far so good. ? 

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WORKSHOP: FREE with Essential Oils – 15.3.2019 Berlin

Do you want to feel and be free in your life?
Then it’s time to explore essential oils!

Say what?!

Aromatherapy supports our physical and mental well being. Essential oils can help you with your concentration, your energy levels, your moods, reduce stress and empower you.
Discover how to choose the right oil for every situation and find natural solutions for your health. Besides the emotional benefits of essential oils, we also touch upon how to switch to toxin free solutions in your home, household, body care and first aid kit.

In this workshop you are introduced to a variety of essential oils and their healing properties, you learn how and when to use them in your daily life to match your personal needs.

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Essential Oils Workshop: Design your emotions 23.2.2019 Berlin

– call it inner DIY work

You know the power of great design, composing colours, fabrics, outfits to your unique feel-good look and atmosphere, right? How about doing the same with your emotions? Wanna learn how to pick a silky delicate feeling, a cozy velvet mood or a sharp bright hands-on impulse?

Welcome to this workshop! ✌️

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WORKSHOP: HIGH ON LOVE – Valentine or not we get our hearts high on essential oils – 13.2.2019 Berlin

Wish you had a magic trick to let you feel all warm and sensual after an exhausting day at work?
Or something helping you to get out of your default setting multitasking mode, arriving back in your body and sensing its subtle sensations?
Essential oils are immediate and powerful, yet so gentle and soft, which makes them the perfect tools to shift your emotions and trigger sensations. ?

In this 2-hour workshop I invite you to experience the emotional and sensual effects of essential oils exploring the emotions of love, softness, sensuality, confidence, empowerment and playfulness as well as looking at some emotions that might block those from coming through like exhaustion, shame, guilt, insecurity, fear and sadness and how to let go of them.

You don’t have to do or bring anything to attend the workshop. All you need is your nose to take in the potent aroma of the carefully selected therapeutic quality pure essential oils, featuring oils for self love, oils for sacred pleasure, oils for healthy sexuality and the best oils for dating. I will share some behind-the-plants wisdom with you, introduce you to safe ways of usage and share some ideas how to implement this plant power into your daily life.

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WORKSHOP: Essential Oils & Yoga: Reconnect to your intuition 23.6.2019 Berlin

[English translation below]

Man soll ja oft “einfach” auf die eigene Intuition oder das “Bauchgefühl” hören, aber wenn man den ganzen Tag viel im Kopf ist, kennen wir die Vernunft oft besser als die Intuition. Yoga und ätherische Öle sind da perfekte Begleiter, wenn wir unsere eigene Intuition wieder aufspüren wollen.

Was erwartet dich?
In diesem Workshop darf der Verstand mal etwas Pause machen, klar gibt es mal die ein oder andere logische Erklärung, aber hauptsächlich wird geschnuppert, gefühlt und sich bewegt. Sorgfältig ausgewählte ätherische Öle von höchster Qualität begleiten dich durch die Yoga Asanas, die dir helfen werden deine ureigene Intuition und rohe Kreativität zu reaktivieren, die tief im Bauch sitzen.

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WORKSHOP: Essential Oils & Yoga: Muttertag Special 12.5.2019 Berlin

[English translation below]

Wie wäre es dieses Jahr zum Muttertag mal mit Blumen auf eine andere Art? Die Essenz kostbarer Blumen in Form von ätherischen Ölen hat eine wohltuende Wirkung auf Körper, Geist und Herz und das auf ganz besondere Art und Weise in Kombination mit einer sanften Yogapraxis.

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WORKSHOP: Essential Oils & Yoga: Chakra Balance 10.3.2019 Berlin

[English translation below]

Damit wir uns ausgeglichen, lebendig und pudelwohl fühlen, muss unsere Energie frei fließen können. Das ist der Job unserer Chakren, den Energiezentren des Körpers. Ätherische Öle und Yoga sind ein absolutes Dreamteam, wenn es darum geht, unsere Chakren in Balance zu bringen.

Was erwartet dich?
In diesem Workshop lernst du wie wir durch die Kombination aus Yoga und ätherischen Ölen unsere sieben Hauptchakren reinigen, unterstützen und stärken können. Wir nutzen hierfür die Pflanzenkraft der kostbaren Öle auf energetischer, emotionaler und körperlicher Ebene während wir durch die Asanas fließen, meditieren und Pranayama üben – alles mit Fokus auf unsere Chakren. Dich erwarten sorgfältig ausgewählte Öle von höchster Qualität, die dich durch 2,5 Stunden Yoga und Meditation begleiten.

Für wen ist dieser Workshop geeignet?
Hast du manchmal das Gefühl, dass deine Energie nicht richtig fließt? Interessierst du dich für ätherische Öle oder möchtest wissen, was es mit diesen Chakren so auf sich hat? Komm vorbei, alle Levels sind willkommen.

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