lagom (Swedish): not too much, not too little, just right.

or this way:
lag (Swedish) = law
om (Sanskrit)= sacred sound of the universe and ultimate mantra of connectivity.
lagom = the law of universal connectivity.

OM LAGOM is about surrounding yourself with aesthetics, taste and design in all areas of life – from sartorial matters, over interior design and food, to thoughts, emotions and experiences – without losing yourself in them but rather finding yourself through them.

I am a storyteller, essential oils mentor, massage therapist, Reiki master, co-founder of Almost 30 Magazine and a one-woman-show at OM LAGOM.
I live in Berlin with my rescue-dog Olav as well as sometimes on the road in my VW bus Penny Lane. The smell of freshly brewed coffee makes my heart go boom.

The urge to express things creatively and make sense of them in some way has been with me as long as I can remember. With a background in fashion studies and working in communications I believed to have found my path until Saturn return hit me, or my burnout or whatever it really was in the end that led me to leave my comfort zone and explore new ways. Reconnecting to my emotions, understanding my cyclical nature and listening to my body meant a big shift in my life and resulted in my current mission and passion to help fellow seekers to rediscover their raw native source of creativity to unveil their own purpose in life.

My work is a combination of creative techniques, writing, body work and healing arts. As this might sound a little abstract, just take a look at my current workshops, online trainings and retreats or book a treatment.

Follow your intuition and get in touch.
It’s all happening!