Do these bouncy curls and the dazzling smile look familiar to you?
Well, that’s the woman who took a long deep look into my soul and it’s actually no exaggeration if I admit that it was a truly transformative experience.

Maybe you also came across Maria Christina Gabriel and her fantastic vibes via a Podcast, her Instagram account or the book We are Proud to be Sensibelchen?
Maria Christina Gabriel works as a Spiritual Mentor and is the founder of Power of Ceremony. Over the past year, Christina has become a great source of inspiration for me, whenever I follow her work I feel the rare mix of courage to follow my passion, a giant curiosity for all there is still to learn and discover, a very rare feeling of peace and calm (I mean: almost uncanny to feel that while scrolling through social media) and a before unknown sense of belonging. Crazy, right?

To perhaps grasp a little better why this woman is so inspiring, what it is she does in her life and to introduce her here if you haven’t crossed paths with her yet, I had the honor to ask her some questions about her work. To actually also really feel her work, I let Christina conduct a soul reading, which was an overwhelming experience, I am happy to share with you.

Let’s get started:

In one sentence, Christina, what is it that you do?
My work is all about creating a life with purpose and I support others through this process with 1:1 mentoring sessions and soul readings.

One of the first Instagram posts I read from you was a reflection  describing how for a long time you were hesitant to go to some yoga class as you had a certain image in your head of how your body was supposed to look when you go there or something similar and I was so impressed with your honesty and vulnerability that made me more curious about you and your work. What is your view on vulnerability?

I think the concept of vulnerability is this meaningful to us now because as a collective we have been living quite the contrary for decades. Hiding shame, guilt, fears and creating a lifestyle that wasn’t supporting us in being connected humans. Showing up in my emotions, staying present when I don’t have the answers and keeping an open heart through the the challenging parts of life. To me, vulnerability lets us connect with others on a profound level but most importantly, by making ourselves vulnerable, we are expanding our capacity to give and receive love.

Another thing I really like about your Instagram account are the posts in which you share your monthly focus lists. What are these lists about for you?

My monthly focus list is a ritual of commitment I started years ago to keep my ideas aligned with my focus. I’m a multi-passionate person and I can easily distract myself from a plan I made, wandering off the path of life simply to follow a new adventure. I’ve observed myself doing this numerous times and found this simple creative project helps me to stay committed and remember what I want to show up for. My lists are about baking more bread or writing postcards to the people I love and care for. They are simple acts of connection that are easily forgotten over a busy week. As a visual person, it makes a big difference to me if I hear something, read something on paper or sit down and put my creativity into drawing my intentions. It’s in this moment of simplicity and childlike joy where I can return to hold myself accountable over the month. Putting it out on my feed serves the idea that I use Instagram as a source of inspiration, connection and a way of keeping it real for me and others. And even though I find my painting skills to be way off sometimes, I feel brave about sharing what I care for in this way.

Oh I can relate to the constant shift of focus. I love the word ‘ritual of commitment’. How does this specific ritual look like for you?

I’m a big collector of notebooks (anyone else?!) and use a big spiral art sketchbook for my lists. This is where I also collect ideas, inspiration, quotes or moments that touched me and what I am grateful for. At the end of a given month, I will sit down and think of what is important and of emotional value to me for the upcoming month. I’m a follower of ​Wayne Dyer “​I’ll see it when I believe it” and being able to speak dreams into existence.​ So I ask myself​ if there’s something I want to try, to share to give or to receive? I usually connect these to things I wrote down on New Moon, the lunar time of new beginnings every month. I take some watercolors and follow my intuition in painting. I keep coming back to my focus list and make space to integrate it into my life.

So rituals are an important part of your work, right? What makes them so powerful?

Both, rituals and ceremonies are essentials to me. There are numerous studies on the importance of rituals in our lives and I would define myself as a person that loves the repetition of structures or behaviors to a certain degree (Virgo Sun, Sag Rising over here!). Much of our lives are made up of rituals like your morning coffee or an evening yoga class with a friend. I believe the need for ritual is a basic human instinct and quite often provides a way of connection. Now, in our fast-paced life, we often don’t sit down for rituals like daily family dinners anymore or going to church on Sundays. Still, we crave this sense of belonging and community.
On a personal level, rituals became quite important to me since I have been living in so many different countries and cultures throughout my life. They provide a way of grounding myself and keeping a structure that serves my happiness. I simply function better through rituals. This may be a simple tea ceremony on a Sunday, taking time to give gratitude and bless my day in the morning or choosing to get moving before noon as it helps me to make better health choices throughout the day. It’s not about following someone’s holy list of rituals with all your discipline and think this will somehow enlighten you. I will be the first to tell you that’s not how it works because I’ve been there and done that. Rather find value in how to serve yourself and your heart by slowing down with rituals.

In my notion, rituals, ceremonies and traditions usually have some ancient connection and you often refer to your ancestors in your work. Why is it important to know about your ancestor line and what can you do if you don’t have the possibility to ask any living family member about it?

For me, it’s important to honor my biological ancestors as they form my family, both living and breathing as well as the deceased. My ancestors aren’t simply part of the reason why I am here, they also provide pieces to the puzzle of my purpose. They teach me resilience, how to set boundaries and making it through loss and heartbreak. It was them who made it through wars, who lost their homes and who fled their country. What they passed onto me is a part of my world today.
Would I be as interested in plant medicine if I hadn’t watched my grandmother caring for her herbs and prepping tonics and herbal wraps throughout my childhood? Would I have been allowed to leave home at 14 for my first student exchange if my granddad wouldn’t have banned my mother from moving to London as a young woman? My ancestor’s choices have an effect on the family dynamics I chose to be born into. I inherited part trauma and part joy of life through their experiences. Which has an effect on my decision-making and what I want to pass on to the next generation.
I have worked with clients who went through adoption or simply chose no contact to living family members and it can be a great start to either research a family tree through town hall if possible or use healing modalities such as family constellations to become aware to energetic concepts in the family tree. A book I can highly recommend is ​It didn’t start with you and a genetic test might work for you to see what your DNA heritage is made of.

Do you believe that we are all here for a certain purpose or mission? 

100% yes.
There is a reason why you are here and what you are bringing to the table of life. I believe there is a misconception about your purpose being your field of work and finding meaning in life through your profession. Thank god our life is so much more than what we do for a living. In my understanding, we are souls experiencing ourselves in a human form and the experiences we choose to go through support us in living our purpose. In my Soul Readings, I look into concepts like astrology, numerology, shamanism and work on a soul level to illustrate what your purpose is in this lifetime and how you can put it to use.
Actually, in my final question I wanted to ask you for advice for anyone who feels stuck or wants to take a first step to discover their soul’s purpose but you just answered this: it’s the soul readings you conduct!
You already mentioned that you combine different concepts like astrology, tarot and numerology but I can say from my own experience from the reading you did on my soul it’s beyond what I imagined it to be.
I have once had a Jyotisha birth chart reading done for me and someone explaining me some basics about Human Design and I like to listen to the sections of my moon, sun and rising signs in Astro podcasts and I can usually relate to it but it’s more a feeling of being understood or justified in my being. Of course a major part of your soul reading also made me feel understood or gave me new insights about why I am the way that I am and somehow explained or justified why I tend to hold on to certain patterns but what it also did (which non of the others ever managed to do for me) was giving me a clearer understanding of my life’s and soul’s purpose.
Also rather then sitting back and getting into a ‘yeah, that’s because I am Capricorn, I can’t help it’-attitude your reading pointed out quite exact what the next steps in my life are for me, what things need to be addressed and where to work with my gifts and where actually to honor them but not let them take over the way I used to let them do it. So thanks again for this beautiful interview and the moving soul reading. It’s been such a pleasure.

And for everyone who might be curious about working with Maria Christina Gabriel, I can highly recommend her soul readings. All you need for that is to know your exact time of birth. She is currently charging 144 Euros for it, which in my opinion, is absolutely worth the time and effort she puts into this and furthermore the value this reading can have for your path in life.

If you have any further questions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment below.

It’s all happening!