Maybe I’ve watched a little too much Marie Kondo recently but what I really like about her art of organizing, decluttering and tidying up are these two rules:

1. keep only thing that spark joy for you
2. every item needs its home

When I started working with essential oils I first didn’t think much about where to store them. But as the collection grew and some real investments came to it (a pure essential oil of certified therapeutical grade can cost over 100€ for a 5ml bottle) I started to look into it because I wanted the oils to last for years so that I wouldn’t waste a single drop of them. When you store your essential oils in a dark place, properly closed at room temperature a little bottle will be fine for years. So at home my oils moved into a wooden box in which they are protected from sun light . So far so good. ? 

But of course I often take my oils with me, I pack them up for workshops or oil consultations, take them with me when I travel or actually have 2-4 with me every single day depending on the plans for the day ahead. Usually it’s an oil for concentration, one I use as perfume that day and one for disinfection in my bag, sometimes you also find one for more energy or to sooth a sore throat, help with headaches or PMS or calming my nerves. I used to toss the roller bottles loosely into my bag or drop them into my coat pocket and then often got stressed about breaking or losing them. Then I discovered the essential oil bags from the Berlin based upcycling label Dzaino during their crowdfunding campaign and it all changed.

Like all of the other Dzaino products the essential oil bags are made from upcycled Denim fabric fairly produced in Berlin with a minimalistic design. So going back to what I learned from Marie Kondo these bags are it for me:
I love the simple design, the label and great mission behind it and with each of my 3 oil bags that I have by now I picked out the unique bags that sparked most joy for me, which adds so much value to these pretty homes for my oils on the go. With small pockets for each oil they are the perfect home for precious oils and I don’t need to worry about the breaking or disappearing scenarios anymore. Also I still have space in the bag to put other items that usually get lost in my bags like pencils, stickers, business cards or lipstick!

If you feel that’s the thing that has been missing in your life, let me know, I can hook you up or just head over to Dzaino. Actually tonight they still have a special deal on the oil bags – check it out!

It’s all happening!

(in friendly cooperation with Dzaino✌️)