I tend to say that about quite a few of my oils…you know, that they are my absolute favorite but it’s seriously true about Cardamom.

In the secret club of essential oils and emotions it’s called The Oil of Objectivity.
That doesn’t sound like a super hero name you think? Oh, think again. What’s the thing that gets you in trouble all the time, that upsets your stomach, that starts arguments and keeps you from new experiences? Quite often that dark force is your subjective opinion fueled by ego and stubbornness, ain’t that right?
Well, at least for me that’s the case. Realizing that, objectivity seems quite super power like, right?

So yes, emotionally Cardamom is a great aid when experiencing anger, frustration, narrow-mindedness or feeling overwhelmed. This little oil manages to help you regain objectivity, mental sobriety and self-control.

Since I can think, anger, rage and frustration are emotions that I know pretty well. To be honest, I never really minded, because although rather ‘negative’ sensations they have this fiery energy to them that empowers and fuels my body. I much rather choose these feelings over numbness, sadness or despair. But it can be a challenge to find the right outlet for this fire so I can easily pick a fight with someone overwork myself or act impulsively to channel this energy, which is not really fair to others around me nor to me.

So this is when Cardamom comes in. It simply┬ádemands you to stop blaming others, the intense scent immediately gets to your brain and puts a transformation process in motion. It’s magical, seriously. You should give it a try.

Cardamom is a great digestion aid, for any kind of intense or heavy emotions as well as for food. Cardamom helps your digestion, it supports liver function and improves circulation, which literally means warming your heart and getting stuck energy moving again to leave the body.

You can use Cardamom oil from doTERRA internally, topically and of course aromatically. That means, smell it from the bottle or add it to your diffuser when feelings of anger, frustration, blaming, stress, aversion, grief or self-pity are crawling up on you. Dilute it with some fractioned coconut oil and put it into a roller bottle to easily apply it onto your skin. I recommend drawing a spiral – just like a tasty Swedish Cardamom bun around your navel to aid digestion and release anger. Add a drop to your coffee to give it an extra warm aroma and support your liver.

True love.
You feel it?

Let me know your experiences with Cardamom oil in the comments. If you want to get your hands on this particular oil from doTERRA check out this post to get you started.

Its all happening!