Do you want to learn some magic?
Like changing the air you breath?

Did you know that diffusing therapeutic grade pure essential oils with a steam diffuser doesn’t just mask odors, no no no the micro-fine mist releases oxygenating molecules that actually enrich the air with extra oxygen, which you breath in. And that’s not even all!

Also research found out that the high quality oils when diffused alter the structure of molecules that create odors and eliminate them: so no stinky air! yeah pretty awesome, right?
And now, as a cherry on top the diffusing process releases negative ions which may kill microbes – so this is pretty amazing in this time of the year when germs are flying through the air and you probably don’t wanna inhale them.??

Do you have any question about essential oils, how to work with them, where to get them or are just curious to smell them?
Just get in touch!

In this January grey we need all the mood boost we can get ✌? Bergamot and Lime are a great team for that. Double trouble citrus power ✌??

It’s all happening!