Let’s celebrate our thin skin and see it as our body guard. 💯

Let’s embrace our feelings and recognize them as amazing messengers informing us about what’s actually going on. 💯

Let’s dive into the deep waters that we are and rediscover the flowing, cyclical nature that is our super power. 💯

This is a real special class and we are beyond excited to share it with you. We created this class because honestly: we’ve had enough of it. Enough of feeling weak or being ashamed because we have feelings!

Because duh feelings are our navigation system. 🗺
If we don’t understand their language or even worse, ignore them we never reach our destination and we get stuck in traffic jams, keep going round and round in circles and take unnecessary detours. 🚧
Who needs that?

So let’s change that right now.

In this 2 hour class, with the help of very potent Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and a mindful Yoga practice we will dive right into the sea of our emotions and look at these soft, vulnerable and so powerful parts of us.🌿
A change of perspective, from “I am weak“ or “this is my weak spot“, to “this is my freaking super power” and totally owning your vulnerability is the goal. 👊

To help you navigate beyond this class you will receive an essential oil gift for you to keep. 💛

Are you ready to make this change?
Join us!

All levels are welcome. ✌️

Studio 58


Simply save your space by payment to paypal.me/Letsgethigh.
If you don’t use paypal, just contact us for other options.

We are looking forward to this transformation with you!

📩 Contact me for any questions.

It’s all happening!