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‘We need to realize that our path to transformation is through our mistakes. We’re meant to make mistakes, recognize them, and move on to become unlimited.’ – Yehuda Berg

Only in the planning process of Panny Lane’s transformation, I keep finding errors in reasoning, change my mind or realize I forgot something. Here is the the plan (for now):

One of the first changes was that I got Penny a roof rack that I found on ebay Kleinanzeigen for a reasonable price, about 1h drive from Berlin (our first road trip – on which we already got a speeding ticket…Penny looks dope in the a little less). The plan for the roof rack is to use the front to install 2 solar panels and 2 antennae for the wifi router that I will get so I can do all my work from wherever we are. The 170cm left will become a roof terrace with wooden floor, where we can put a mattress for stargazing nights.

I am still hunting for a nice hammock and awning on the web…so far no luck though…

The next changes were to spray Penny’s signal light silver (as I am not allowed to have an orange warning light) and to sell the heavy tool cupboards that were installed in the back.

Looking at the inside, I researched a lot on different materials to isolate the van and also to then cover the walls. Natural materials like cork and bamboo seem to have a warm look….well you will see soon what it will look like in the end!

On Instagram I spotted a van called Ole, who looked just like Penny, but they cut through the dividing wall. I love this idea, because you don’t have to leave the coziness on a rainy day, you can easily get up and drive if you need to for some reason, you gan jump back and make snacks when you get into a traffic jam, the dog can chill in the back, yet you are not separated…simply amazing. BUT, getting the permission to legally do this…a bit of a pain. I was actually just about to give up when I finally got the official email that I am allowed to do it after all!

For sleeping and storage the plan is to build a wooden bed with a storage box (that can be used as a small table for my morning coffee) on the side. Also underneath the bed there will be storage containers that slide out through the back and serve as a table.

A water tank in the back can be the bathroom and some storage for kitchen stuff will be behind the driver’s seat.
So far the vision…now comes the hands-on part!

It’s all happening!


☽ 1 – Lavender oil


WORKSHOP: Let’s get high. Higher your vibes with essential oils 22nd September 2018

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  1. Annette

    Toller Beitrag!
    Ich möchte gern nächstes Jahr einen Kurztripp mit Penny machen. Eine geliehene Hängematte hätte ich schon – und deine Tante hat noch eine!

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