Lavender, lavender oh how I love your smell.

This is the smell of summer, of driving through the sun in France – or to the nearest garden center. It’s a childhood memory resting my head on a little pillow filled with dried lavender that my mum made for me.
But the purest essence of this plant is even more than that: it’s true magic!

If you are curious to get into the amazing cosmos of essential oils, then lavender should be your first choice. This oil is such badass allrounder and so unique in it’s warm and calming smell. Lavender essential oil is simply the perfect good night story: calming, soft and luring you into a dreamy world of deep sleep. Just spray it on your pillow before bedtime, rub it under your feet or diffuse it in your bedroom to activate its magic. Lavender is the best companion in times of insomnia, exhaustion, stress or anxiety always providing its calming and relaxing effect on body and mind.

Another great way to use lavender essential oil is as part of your first aid kit!
You burnt yourself in the kitchen? You have a cut? Or are you looking for a natural disinfection? Lavender is the way to go!
Used in deo or facial oil you can also enjoy these properties. Oh and as it’s this time of the year: lavender is also amazing to treat blisters from your new sandals or your first sun burn of the year.

It’s hard to resist this one, isn’t it?
If you have any questions about my buddy lavender just get in touch!

Oh and to the yogis and yoginis out there: lavender oil makes the perfect mat cleanser!

It’s all happening!