What better crystal to kick-off the OM LAGOM guide to crystals than the all time classic: crystal quartz?

The seemingly colorless or even lucent clear quartz or crystal quartz is the ultimate allrounder. Why is that?

First of all this clear crystal contains all colors of the rainbow and amplifies energies which means you can use it as a boost for all other crystals to multiply their unique powers. Also it is a great charger for other crystals, so for example after using crystals for a Reiki or other energy healing treatment you can perfectly cleanse them by de-charging them on a bed of hematite and afterwards freshly charge them in a bowl of crystal quartz.

But the clear quartz doesn’t only amplify the energies of other crystals but also the energy of your thoughts. This makes it the perfect meditation gemstone as it is also a multi-talent working on all chakras. This crystal is also great to have on your desk as it promotes clarity of the mind, aids with the creative flow of thoughts and as the cherry on top looks beautiful.

A great affirmation for working with your clear quartz is: “My mind, body and soul are energized”
– how to do it? Just sit still, breath, hold your crystal quartz and feel the bright energy and light surrounding you.

It’s time to get stoned.

It’s all happening!