Any stone can be your moon stone

Isn’t a moon stone a specific kind of crystal with a certain look, feel and healing properties? That’s correct, yet you can pick any stone or crystal – or even better a few different ones –  and sync them with the lunar cycle.

Today is the second new moon of the year. It’s new moon in Aquarius. As Aquarius helps us to break down conventions and traditions to find a new path, I pitch a new tradition – or at least an experiment for you: a new moon crystal grid with bad ass intentions for the upcoming moon cycle! I tell you, it is still crazy to me that and how it works, but it simply does!

True Story.
Some moon cycles (aka months) ago, I began to use crystal grids as a kick-off for each new moon phase. I had seen real pretty crystal formations on Instagram, read a few articles about it and was just curious to give it a try. And honestly, I didn’t think this would become a monthly (or even bi-monthly – I also do this at full moons) sort of tradition for me. You know, as pretty as I find crystal grids as interior decor, so I find fresh flowers – and in a busy week it’s just easier to buy those. And yet, I got hooked on crystal grids.

So what is it I do exactly?
It’s actually quite simple. So on the day of the new moon I make a some time for introspection (for like 20-60 minutes). Preferable it’s when I am alone at home and have no urgent jobs to finish that day anymore. I light a candle (and as in nearly every situation I diffuse some essential oils), take out pen and paper and sit down to meditate. Taking a few deep breath, I  try to turn inwards. On days when I struggle with turning inwards, I actually picture my organs and where they are located in my body, which helps me to tune deeper into my body.

Then I pose the question: ‘What do I want for this new moon cycle?’ And usually after just a few more breath the answers pop up. Surprisingly, they are almost never what I consciously think that I want. I simply write them down and ask myself what I need for that. It’s amazing how usually only two or three words summarize everything I listed before. Like for example ‘courage’ or ‘patience’ – these are actually two of the big players in my team.
Now that I know what I need, the hardest part is already done. It’s very helpful to formulate it now in one clear sentence, which works as an affirmation or instruction for me, the moon and the crystals. It can go like: ‘With the power of this new moon I now activate the energies of courage and patience in my life. thank you!’

Now comes the fun part. I fold the paper and place it at the center of my grid. Randomly (or rather intuitively) I begin picking crystals from my collection, sometimes adding some stones or shells that I found at the beach or some pendants, and then let my hands go about designing the grid. A big or somehow special crystal placed in the middle, on top of the folded note, is the perfect starting point to develop the grid around. When every stone is in place, I connect them energetically – just like you did in ‘connecting the dots’ as a kid. To connect them, I personally use a selenite wand as it is the perfect moon connection crystal and shaped, well let’s say like a big pen – but you can also just use your index finger to connect the energy lines between your crystals. While connecting the stony dots, it’s a great moment to feel into the energies that you want to attract into your life with this meditation. When you’re done connecting all the dots, it’s time to repeat the sentence once again.

What’s next?
Well, you are kind of done already. Yeah! I usually keep my grid out for the whole upcoming moon cycle but you can leave it as long or short as you like. Also, what I find quite powerful, I repeat the affirmation in my daily meditation – so that not only the crystals have to work on it but me too. Teamwork, you know?

But how the moon does this work?
There are different reasons and explanations why something so beautiful (not only visually) works. These are my explanations that somehow make sense to me:

1. mindfulness
How often do you usually take, say 30 minutes, out of your busy day and just sit in peace and quiet, breath and turn inwards, checking in with yourself? It’s absurd, I know, but most of us do it way too rarely. It seems so much more relaxing to chill in front of a Netflix series –  but actually it isn’t. The series, as much as I enjoy it, is just more input and clutter for your mind, giving your inner voice no room to speak whatsoever. So this is the first reason why this little ritual works: because you take time to connect with yourself, check in what you really need and write it down.

2. subconsciousness
What I mean with this, is simply that by repeating your sentence on a daily basis and by passing by your crystal grid at home throughout a few days or even weeks your intention becomes part of your subconsciousness and does its work down there. It’s truly magical.

3. energetics
With this I mean the energies that surround you and flow through you. By charging this potent grid of energy carriers, the stones, with your intention, you change the energies in the room where you place the grid. When you go to work, or chill in front of Netflix, those crystals still have nothing better to do than storing and strengthening the intention you infused them in your meditation. How amazing is that?

So that question, why I keep laying out my grids every new moon and full moon, should be answered by now. Now it’s up to you. I can only encourage you to give it a try. Just once at least, to see how you like the transformation. I’d love to hear from you about how it went or any questions you might have. Just share your experiences with me in the comments below this post, via email or reach me on Instagram or facebook. Please share your grids and tag @omlagom on Instagram. I would love to see your crystal art – to the moon and back!

It’s all happening!


It’s about time


That’s just nuts!


  1. Rosi

    I’d love to try this but I don’t have a grid- does it work without too?

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