‘If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear?’ Stevie Nicks

About three years ago – I had just moved back from Stockholm to Berlin – I changed my name to ‘Lagom’  (well, on my social media accounts at least) to keep a piece of Swedishness in my daily life. ‘Lagom’ is one of my favorite words in the Swedish language, as it means something like “not too much, not too little, just the right amount”. It has such an unpretentious calming ring to it.
Back in the days of 2014 this beautiful word wasn’t very well-known yet in the territory of Berlin. So when asked, I simply answered it was my mantra-name. (little did I know at that time what mantra it should become to me.)

It’s about time.
This, being my first text on om-lagom.com, it is about time to mention why I am sitting here and writing these first words. I’ve been playing with the idea of beginning a blog for about as long as I carry the name ‘Lagom’, but just talking about it, filling notebooks with ideas and setting up a website is sure all essential, but the biggest step is to actually get started.

‘Just start’ – it sounds so much easier than it is – at least for me. When talking to my friends, it is always crystal clear to me how talented they are, how brilliant their ideas are and how I have no doubt whatsoever that they will succeed in pursuing their dreams. When I look at myself though, this wise voice is somehow usually out of office with no replacement to coach me.
Years of writing experience in Public Relations, journalism and academics in both German and English, also working conceptually in creative areas like fashion and design and even having some honest fans of my work among my friends, family and former colleagues, somehow never seemed proof enough that I was qualified to begin this project.

I guess, the thing is that I’m a collector – not only of ideas to be realized ‘some day’ but also of excuses why it isn’t time just yet. Some treasures in this collection are ‘but I only lived in Sweden for two years, that doesn’t make me an expert of lagom’ and ‘who would even read this? Is this relevant? And if it is, why has nobody else done it yet?’ While repeating these doubts like daily mantras in my head, I browsed through different blogs for inspiration (and procrastination): some blogs I liked in the field of Scandinavian interior design, some with the focus on yoga and some dedicated to sartorial matters with a quirky sense of humor – but I was craving the overall combo.

Hygge everywhere.
When the ‘hygge-hype’ broke out I was thrilled. When ‘lagom’ conquered the media I was terrified. For a while I focussed on ways to bite my own ass for not having started my blog before getting hit by the ‘lagom-wave’, but that got really exhausting and also didn’t lead me anywhere. So I stopped and realized that it is not a threat when similar ideas are published and cherished around me, it just means the time is right. It is time to raise my own voice and exchange my thoughts with like-minded souls.
I am glad the the world is ready for more ‘lagom’ and I am ready to contribute.

With all this ‘lagom’ around these days, there is yet one aspect that hasn’t been paid attention to: the ‘om’ in ‘lagom’. You know, ‘om’ is a sacred sound, the sound of the universe and the ultimate mantra of connectivity. And ‘lag’ is actually the Swedish word for ‘law’. So yes, ‘lag om’ means the law of universal connectivity – how beautiful is that? Yes, little did I know how powerful this guiding word was.

All writings on this blog are dedicated to the connecting power of ‘lagom’, community over competition, bliss over doubt and love over fear.

It’s all happening!